The stages of pregnancy

Month 1- Heart tube is formed and begins to beat around 65 times a minute, also facial features are forming.

Month 2- Tiny stubs are forming which will be the future arms and legs, the brain and spinal cord are far along in their development. Detection of the heart beat is now available.

Month 3- The baby is fully formed, arms, legs, nails, organs will continue to become more functional. The reproductive organs are also developing, but hard to see.

Month 4- Hair, eyelashes and eyelids are formed. Bones are denser and nervous system is formed. Your baby can suck his or her thumb, even yawn!

Month 5- Your baby’s muscles are developing and being used. 

Month 6- Your baby’s eyelids begin to part and your baby first opens his or her eyes! Your baby will also begin to respond to sounds by moving around.

Month 7-Your baby’s ears and hearing and fully developed. He or she will respond more to sounds and movement.

Month 8-Your baby’s brain is quickly developing. He or she is gaining body fat and is almost fully developed.

Month 9- The baby is fully developed, blinking, kicking, turning its head, and responding to the outside world. Your baby is ready to come out!

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