Am I Pregnant?

If you think you're pregnant, it's important to have your pregnancy confirmed. Our lab-quality pregnancy testing will confirm whether a hormone created by pregnancy is present in your urine.   

You don't have to do this alone. We care and we're here to help. Please call or text 715-843-4673 to make an appointment

Hope offers advocate support and accurate information about your pregnancy options; however, we do not offer or refer for abortion services.

You Have Options!

No matter which decision you make, it will affect the rest of your life. 

When you are pregnant you have several options. It is difficult to make these decisions when you are under stress and feeling overwhelmed. You may think that suddenly your life is spinning out of control. This is the time to talk with someone who can objectively give you the information you will need to make the best decision. At Hope you won’t find anyone judging you or telling you what to decide. We’re here to help you and we don’t make any money off your decision.

Badgercare and WIC

We provide verification of pregnancy that can be used for Badgercare and WIC application.